ECP is a crisis contraception medicine utilized to avoid maternity after intercourse whenever you didn’t usage birth prevention or perhaps the birth prevention did work that is n’t

ECP is a crisis contraception medicine utilized to avoid maternity after intercourse whenever you didn’t usage birth prevention or perhaps the birth prevention did work that is n’t

What’s ECP?

  • Many people call it “the Morning After Pill”.
  • You could get ECP at pharmacies and community health clinics. You don’t require a prescription.

Who are able to simply just simply take ECP?

  • ECP is safe for nearly every feminine human anatomy. You shouldn’t make use of ECP because it won’t work) if you know you are pregnant (mainly.

When might i do want to simply simply just take ECP?

  • You’d penis-vagina sex but weren’t making use of any birth prevention, or perhaps you genuinely believe that the delivery control you utilized may well not been employed by.
  • You missed a couple of birth prevention pills in a pack along with been having penis–vagina intercourse without any other type of contraceptive.
  • You’re significantly more than a week later for the planned contraception shot.

Note: ECP can be used if also you had been obligated to possess penis–vagina intercourse. Should this happen, you might like to phone the Assault that is sexual Crisis at 204-786-8631 or 1-888-292-7565 to talk to a counsellor for help options.

Whenever do I need to take ECP?

  • Swallow the capsule together at the earliest opportunity wife from indian following the activity that is sexual.
  • You don’t need to just simply simply take more pills in the future. It’s a good clear idea to sleep after.

What will ECP do?

  • If taken in 24 hours or less of non-safe sex, it will reduce steadily the likelihood of maternity by about 95%.
  • If taken within 48 hours of non-safe sex, it shall lessen the likelihood of maternity by about 85%.
  • If taken within 72 hours of non-safe sex, it will reduce steadily the likelihood of maternity by about 58%.
  • ECP may build up to 5 times after unsafe sex.
  • You could expect your duration within 1-3 months of using ECP. Visit your medical care provider or even a grouped community wellness centre for the maternity test in the event that you don’t get the duration within 3 months.

Exactly what will ECP maybe not do?

  • ECP wont pregnancy that is prevent of that time period.
  • ECP will likely not stop a maternity if you’re already expecting.
  • ECP will NOT protect you against intimately sent infections (STIs) including HIV.

What are the relative side-effects?

Severe negative effects are unusual. Minor unwanted effects could consist of:

  • Bleeding or spotting between durations.
  • Your duration will come at a various time than typical .
  • Nausea (experiencing sick into the belly) and vomiting (puking).
  • Abdominal stomach that is( discomfort.
  • Frustration or feeling tired.

If these symptoms last more than 2 times, contract your medical provider.

May I just just just take such a thing to cease queasy?

  • Many people don’t feel nauseous after using ECP, you could just take a half or even an anti-nausea that is whole thirty minutes prior to taking ECP to prevent sickness (puking).
  • It might not work and you may need another dose if you vomit within 2 hours after taking the pill. Keep in touch with a pharmacist when you can, to discover how to proceed.
  • It is possible to contact a pharmacist or community wellness centre to obtain information.

May I just just take ECP whenever i’ve condomless intercourse?

  • Utilize ECP as crisis contraception just. It really is safe but problematic for the body to procedure.
  • If you’re going to possess penis-vagina sex, and also you don’t would like to get pregnant, utilize a far more reliable way of birth prevention, such as for example contraception pills or condoms.

Exactly just What i’m pregnant if I take ECP and don’t know that?

  • ECP will likely not end a preexisting pregnancy.
  • There’s absolutely no proof that ECP will damage a fetus.

Just just exactly What can I do when I complete using ECP?

  • Utilize a trusted birth prevention technique that best suits you, if you’re having penis-vagina intercourse.
  • For those who have birth prevention pills, you can begin a unique pack immediately after using ECP. There is no need to wait patiently for the period to begin.
  • You may be pregnant and should consider a home pregnancy test, or getting a test done at your health care provider, teen clinic, or community health centre if you don’t get a period within 3 weeks after taking ECP.
  • It is possible to head to a residential district wellness hospital or speak to a health that is public about contraceptive, STI tests, a Pap test, maternity test, abortion, use, parenting, or any other health conditions.

wemagine if I have expecting despite using ECP?

  • If you’re pregnant, keep in touch with a counsellor at a residential area wellness hospital or health that is public straight away.
  • Think about your choices and also make the choice that is correct for you personally.

wemagine if I can’t manage ECP?

  • ECP costs around $30-50.
  • If price can be an issue, take to contacting your district wellness hospital or women’s health centre. You can also contact a teen clinic if you are under 22 years old.

Where could I have more information?

  • From your own medical care provider, community health center, or health nurse that is public. If you’d like a health that is regular provider, call the Family Doctor Finder at 204-786-7111 or toll-free at 1-866- 690-8260, or head to
  • Through the known Facts of Life online: email the questions you have to
  • From a young adult center if you should be under 22 yrs . old.

SERC thinks that every people have just the right to gain access to unbiased intimate and reproductive wellness information and solutions. They need to also provide the chance to explore their values and attitudes to make informed choices that are most suitable for them, and have now those choices supported and respected. SERC supports and defends a person’s that are pregnant to select parenting, use, or abortion.

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