Slim4vit for fat loss – forum, reviews, price, pharmacy, it works, opinions

Slim4vit for fat loss – forum, reviews, price, pharmacy, it works, opinions

The nutritionist and expert doctor in diseases linked to overweight Francesco Mirandola.

Diets, exercise, pills and liposuction will be the main types of treating obesity today, however, judging by the fact how many overweight people is growing, none among these in the list above is actually effective. Everything changed when Slim4vit was introduced regarding the European and Italian market, a product to stimulate natural fat loss.

Francesco Mirandola answers your questions.
Primary physician, expert nutritionist and Director of CISIOB, the biggest market of high specialization for the analysis and treatment of obesity.
Work experience: 42 years.

What is Slim4vit?

Slim4vit combines all the extracts with the capacity of burning unnecessary fat in a small capsule!

With the aid of this supplement you not merely shed weight, but also increase the health and wellness of this body thanks to the wonderful antioxidant formula contained in each capsule, which not only burns fat, but in addition normalizes the task of this whole body.

Slim4vit : it is a natural concentrate. In each capsule 5 extracts are concentrated, as a result of that your means of burning lipids, and so slimming, is 10 times faster! Slim4vit has been clinically proven to speed up the metabolism, restore the urinary system, stimulate tissue regeneration and suppress hunger. The item is totally natural and is a dynamic stimulator of natural processes into the human body. Considering that the burning of fat mass occurs as a result of rapid metabolism, a strict diet isn’t needed. Balanced nutrition is sufficient to keep up the metabolism. Intense physical working out in this case is certainly not necessary.

The ingredients show Slim4vit :

Garcinia Cambogia Extract: abundant with pectin, it reduces appetite and avoids constipation; it stimulates the metabolism and reduces the impression of hunger.

Guarana seed extract: Reduces the formation of cellulite and effectively cleanses the walls of blood vessels.

Green tea leaf Leaf Extract: Burns fat, is an antioxidant, strengthens blood vessels and lowers cholesterol levels.

Acai Berries: Helps the human body extract nutrients from food, removes excess waste and eliminates ongoing hunger.

Brown Seaweed Extract: Normalizes the functions of this internal organs and accelerates the metabolism.

The key properties of Slim4vit :

  • Get rid of fat
  • Appetite suppression
  • Normalization of hormone levels
  • Rejuvenation and cleansing of this body
  • Toning effect as a result of burning of this fat mass

As a result of rapid metabolism caused by Slim4vit , people who accumulate subcutaneous fat in troublesome areas can burn up to 700 grams a day! Slim4vit can be effective in cases where hormonal problems cause unwanted weight. If you should be inclined to be overweight, this system is for you!

Slim4vit has been introduced regarding the Italian market relatively recently, but it is already recommended by nutritionists and sportsmen to lose surplus weight quickly and keep maintaining a low percentage of unwanted fat.

Results after 90 days of taking Slim4vit :

Results after 2 months of Slim4vit :

Results after 4 months of Slim4vit treatment :

Results after 90 days of Slim4vit :

The researchers’ comments:

Gianni Micheletti

Dietician and endocrinologist.

Work experience: 27 years.

“the essential important thing in losing body weight is certainly not to harm your system.” Unfortunately, the majority of the classic types of reducing weight are not the most effective for the body. You can’t go on a diet most of the time, rather than everyone can resist. It puts stress on the body, causing hormonal imbalance in the defense mechanisms and liver. Fat loss must be natural and may not interrupt the body’s internal processes. Today, Slim4vit could be the only product that meets these goals. The trace elements contained in Slim4vitthey cause an acceleration of this metabolism and burn the fat mass, as the concentrate of 100 % natural ingredients accelerates these methods by at the very least 10 times. I am convinced that this tool could be the best today in modern medicine for weight loss. That is a fully reliable tested product. “

Elisa Lucentini

Dietician-endocrinologist doctor.

Experience: 18 years.

“Women often arrive at me literally with tears in their eyes after trying everything, but without getting able to get obvious results, or after having recovered all the kilos lost with interest. I used to advise them to calm down, get back to their feet and start all over again. Today, however, I advise them to make the Slim4vit food supplement with the capacity of burning off to 8 kg per week in a completely natural way. It is a completely natural remedy suitable for all, irrespective of gender, age or health. Slim4vit is certainly employed by dieticians in the us, and is now gathering popularity in Italy and Europe. Personally, i suggest it to all or any my patients and I have never heard any complaints. “

Important! November is the best time to start out taking Slim4vit as a result of changes in the common temperature as well as the accelerated metabolism, consequently its intake will assist you to lose unwanted weight 45% faster.


The outcome of this tests conducted on Slim4vit by the ICCS center (Clinical Institute City Studies):

A team of overweight test subjects (100 people) took Slim4vit 3 times a day as a food supplement for 30 days, without changing their usual diet. Through the study listed here results were obtained:

1. Weight loss from 14 to 21 kg:

  • fat loss in 14 kg – 95%
  • fat loss in 21 kg – 100%.

* Loss in this case means getting rid regarding the fat mass.

2. Visible improvement in metabolism.

3. Boost in tone and physical working out.

4. Improvement of liver and endocrine activity.

Slim4vit has been shown to own a robust influence on speeding up the metabolism and burning the fat mass. It is indicated for usage by overweight people, people with impaired metabolism and diabetes.

Slim4Vit is a natural product in capsules that enables you to eliminate excess pounds. Using this product you’ll be able to reduce weight without following a meal plan that is too rigid and excessive exercise.

Does Slim4Vit work? 6 benefits

Does Slim4Vit work or not work? Could it be a hoax, a scam or is it effective?

Slim4Vit is a natural product that lets you obtain different benefits , by it correctly there is the chance for:

  • Reduce appetite, thus to be able to eat much less
  • Normalize and speed up the metabolism
  • Dissolve the fat mass and remove excess lipids
  • Preventing skin from stretch marks
  • Lose excess weight
  • Eliminate water retention problems

Slim4Vit: opinions and reviews

Below are a few opinions, testimonials and comments on Slim4Vit from the official website:

Slim4Vit: use

How is Slim4Vit used? Which are the posology, dosage, approach to taking?

To take Slim4Vit correctly you will need to take one capsule before principle meals with one cup of water, with at the most 3 capsules a day.

Slim4Vit contraindications or negative effects?

Slim4Vit contains natural ingredients and does not have any contraindications or negative effects.

Slim4Vit is a natural product created by the best European slimming experts. To produce this system, unique and free technologies have been used that allow you to act correctly against overweight. The item was made only with active and completely natural biocomponents that stimulate metabolism and fat loss.

The key 100 % natural ingredients contained within Slim4Vit are:

  • Garcinia Cambogia: this burns fat and allows one to boost your figure and also make you slimmer
  • Seaweed Ascophyllum: stimulate the metabolism by accelerating it
  • Guarana seed extracts: these are able to reduce appetite in a wholesome and natural way
  • Asai Palm Berry Extract: that is a natural antioxidant that allows you to shed weight naturally
  • Green tea leaf leaf extract: this permits one to fight water retention and eliminate excess liquids

Where is it possible to buy Slim4Vit? Could it be into the pharmacy or on Amazon?

Slim4Vit is certainly not found in the pharmacy or on Amazon but can be ordered from the official website from these pages.

Slim4Vit: price

The cost of Slim4Vit of € 39 rather than € 78discounted by 50%. Shipping is free.

  • Fill out the order form about this page or regarding the official website:

  • Slim4Vit customer care will call you back to confirm the order and request the shipping address
  • Slim4Vit is going to be shipped to the indicated address: pay on delivery by the courier safely


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