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The dilemma is when I record a telephone dialogue using the set up shown below the microphone from the headset is not picked up. So the man or woman on the other end of the line is recorded but my voice is not.

How can I document a telephone discussion from the iphone to the mini disc recorder?Hi Allen, Does your mini-disc recorder enable stereo recording, or recording of extra than just one monitor? If so, you can report the person’s discussion on the left channel, and your discussion can be recorded on the appropriate channel. I do this with my Zoom H4N all the time. To make this setup work, you would use yet another mic to history your voice, and send out that into the proper channel of the recorder independently of the headset you happen to be donning.

I’m questioning if there’s a way to use the crafted-in mic(s) on the H4N as a substitute of an external mic to history your (the interviewer, presumably) voice. Thanks,Hi Louis, As far as I know, when you permit the inner mic, you disable the exterior mic, and vice versa. You can, nonetheless, report with two mics at the exact same time, and you can even use a compact 3.

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If you want identical good quality recording of two folks talking as in an job interview, I would mic them independently and connect both equally mics to the zoom (one to still left channel, and one to appropriate by means of phono enter). Hi Dan, I have all the exact same devices hooked up as you describe, but I can hardly hear the interviewee in the recording.

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I can tell there is one thing there from the line in, but it is significantly reduce than the my thoughts recorded with the mic. Any suggestions? Thank you, Catherine. Hi Dan, I hope you nevertheless keep track of this thread – this is an amazing article… Thank you for it. My issue is as follows.

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I like to use Filmic pro application on the apple iphone record videos (basically very nice online video digital camera app). Now, I want to history some classical opera singer and I’ve experienced some seriously pleasant expertise performing this (audio only) with Zoom h2n ahead of.

I am considering to by one (Zoom 2hn), beneath the condition if it could be basically applied as an exterior mic for the iphone (making use of its’, zoom’s inner mics). Then I would use Zoom h2n line out (with headphones observe on) to link to the apple iphone microphone/headphones jack using the connection cable and splitter you referenced. But the friend of mine instructed me that most most likely microphone wont be identified by apple iphone in this circumstance, as it needs to have some exclusive characteristics to be regarded (resistance? voltage?) – and I need to have some other adapter for that…In your setup – Are you utilizing Iphones indigenous mic to by some means to trick the system? Perhaps the external microphone you employing – is someway created for apple iphone? Do you imagine the set up I described might operate with your splitter?Thank you in progress!Hi Yuriy, I enjoy Filmic Professional, it’s a superb application. THe enterprise that helps make it is right listed here in Seattle wherever I dwell.

And I have actually taught a couple of classes on how to use it. Great decision! The Iphone involves a specific adapter for use with an exterior mic, but as extended as you have the suitable adapter (there are distinct ones depending on which product of Apple iphone you have) then it really should operate with any external mic (as prolonged as that mic does not demand phantom power, that is). For that, you could use this: http://www.

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