We’ve funded 16 tasks when you look at the very first round for the Local Digital Fund.

We’ve funded 16 tasks when you look at the very first round for the Local Digital Fund.

you are able to find out about exactly how we selected the tasks right here and then click in the below links to look at a fast movie launching each task, or relate genuinely to the task teams.


Reducing care telephone telephone phone calls to improve client satisfaction

A study into just how technologies that are new Alexa and chatbots have actually the prospective to lessen the need for face-to-face care visits therefore the costs included.

Birmingham City Council and 2 partners

GOV.UK Pay as being an alternative e-payment provider that is viable

Checking out exactly just just how councils that are local GOV.UK Pay could make integration easier and reusable.

North East Lincolnshire Council and 4 partners

Housing repairs online

Examining current exemplars that are digital uncovering an easy method for individuals in socially rented houses to report housing repairs online.

London Borough of Southwark and 3 lovers

User-centred back workplace essay-writing.org reviews preparing system to unlock transformation

A breakthrough to the computer computer software ecosystem necessary to unlock the possibility for change in the city preparation.

London Borough of Southwark and 3 lovers

Typical Information Model for Children’s Services Statutory Returns

Focusing on how better uses of children’s solutions information may help staff make choices and deliver improved results for kids.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority and 3 lovers

Inform us process that is once‘move-in

Just how to enable individuals getting into a council’s jurisdiction to make contact with the council only once to create all of their services – including council taxation, container collections, and perhaps advantages.

Sunderland City Council and 4 lovers

Registration Services Data – unlocking government that is local

On the basis of the Digital Economy Act 2017, pinpointing why registration solutions information for delivery, fatalities and marriages should always be provided, how exactly to share it plus the company advantages of doing this.

Worcestershire County Council and 14 lovers

Taxi certification applications – repairing complexity, inefficiency and danger

Exploring electronic answers to enhance taxi certification, increasing general public security, quickening decision creating and making it simpler to share with you information along with other authorities.

Gateshead Council and 2 lovers

Can chatbots and AI help re re re solve service design issues?

This finding project is designed to summarise the available chatbot and AI options, develop a methodology for assessing available solutions, and create research and case studies to aid councils develop business instances.

Oxford City Council and 12 lovers

Start community: information requirements for neighborhood services that are community-based

This Discovery seeks to know exactly what a ‘directory as a site’ could and may appear to be in 2019 utilizing revolutionary ways to data share, curation and usage.

Adur and Worthing Council and 2 partners

Utilizing analytics and AI to assist the manufacturing of EHCPs

Researching research just just how analytics and intelligence that is artificial assist in improving training, care and wellness plans – currently a complex and time-intensive process – for people who have unique academic needs.

Ealing Council and 2 lovers

Family context in children’s services

Developing a model that provides social workers home elevators a child’s household and past connection with various social solutions, with contact information for the lead experts.

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council and 3 lovers

Developing data automation – addressing the shortage of distribution information

The flow of planning application data: from applicant through the Local Planning Authority, to the regional authority, and out to the public for more effective data collection to prove the concept of automating.

Better London Authority and 4 lovers

Better case management of FOI and SAR demands

This Alpha seeks to comprehend the consumer journey for staff who handle FOI demands and SARs to model approaches to the user that is unmet we’ve found, and explore electronic solutions and information criteria.

London Borough of Hackney and 3 lovers

Digital information security effect assessment (DPIA) device

This Alpha seeks to produce a universal and Digital that is compliant DPIA to enable and help staff and offer the generation of the privacy danger register.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority and 10 lovers

Visualising failure in waste solution

We make an effort to develop the absolute minimum viable item of a waste dashboard and cleverness function that will be offered to enhance functional administration, and determine root causes for failure need to tell solution enhancement.

North East Lincolnshire Council and another partner

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